Health Screening

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Overview and Definition

One of the best ways to take charge of your health is to undergo health screening annually. Health screening involves a panel of tests to identify various underlying medical conditions not symptomatically apparent or your risks of these conditions. This is why even if you think you are in perfect health, it is still crucial to get yourself screened periodically. Health screening is therefore not the same as diagnostic tests, which are applicable only to individuals who are already exhibiting signs of a particular medical condition.


Conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and hypertension are very common and can impact our health insidiously. Such medical problems, if not treated timely, can bring about a permanent decline in your overall well-being or even prove fatal. However, when identified early, the success rate for treatment or cure of most diseases are much higher when compared with intervention at a later stage.

Your age, current state of health, family history, along with your lifestyle choices (e.g. your nutritional intake, your level of physical activity, and whether you smoke), all play important roles in determining the type and frequency of medical care you are likely to need in the future. Nevertheless, with appropriate regular screening, medical follow-up and treatment, you are proactively taking charge of your health and quality of life.

Steps to Take

Depending on the health screening package you select, you may be asked to provide blood, urine and stool specimens on the day of your screening.

Innoquest offers up to 3 health screening packages – Basic, Essential, and Premier – available at all GP and most specialist clinics throughout Singapore. Please discuss with your doctor which screening package is most appropriate for you.